Use of Cookies on AccessIMCO

Several methods to resolve constantly getting kicked out of AccessIMCO:

Method 1: Click HERE to try the easiest method to remove corrupted cookies on AccessIMCO. Note: This logs you out and clears your cookies in the process. Simply log back in and it should be resolved. You may have to log back in twice, but it should work once you do. If you are getting kicked out multiple times still, move on to Method 2.

Method 2: In most computer-based web browsers, to open menus used to clear your cache, cookies, and history, press Ctrl-Shift-Delete (Windows) or Command-Shift-Delete (Mac). You must be in your web browser for this to work. You only need to remove Cookies, the rest of the options can be unchecked. If this still does not work, move on to Method 3a or 3b.

Method 3a: Guide To Remove Cookies

Method 3b: Another Guide To Remove Cookies

Method 4: Still getting kicked out? Email IMCO for Tech Support

Method 5: Performed one or more of these steps? Click HERE to try logging in again

Explanation of why you get kicked out - Cookies

We use a mechanism called persistent cookies to store your IMCO credentials on your computer. These cookies allow us to recognize you when you're signed in and using the IMCO site.

If your computer will not accept cookies from our site then you will not be able to log in to the site.

If you are using a public computer or a computer which is not your personal computer, then make sure that you log out of the site when you have completed your session. You may log out from site by using the Logout link on the members page.

IMCO Cookies on your computer at this time:
(If it says "None", you should be able to log-in successfully. If it says anything else, try methods 1 through 4 above until one works for you. Method 1 is the easiest and works for most people.)

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